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Laminated Tube  

Crown Art introduce laminated tubes (Lamitubes) made from state of the art Swiss Machinery adopting compression moulding for stronger fusion between shoulder and body. Product that requires long shelf life and safe, hygienic & attractive looks can be packed in a Plastic Laminated Tubes. Items that can be packed in Plastic Laminated Tubes are : Ointments, Balms, Heena Paste, Face Creams, Foot Creams, Facial Creams, Diaper Rash Creams, Toothpaste, Ketchups, Chilli Sauces etc.Read More


Manufactures high end labels which finds its application in a variety of applications like shampoo and cosmetic bottles, Jams, Ketchups, etc. The range includes :

  • * High Quality UV Labels on Film and paper with over coat varnish (matt or glossy)
  • * High Quality Holographic Labels on film and Paper with over coat varnish (matt or glossy)
  • * Printing possible in upto 6 colours, inhouse Prepress and plate making. Other features of this machine is online die cutting.
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Our customized packaging solutions cater to clients worldwide. We lay a very strong emphasis on experience and innovation. At every step of the way we try to add value to our customer’s requirement by producing creative, high quality and optimized packaging solutions.Read More

Visual Aid  

Crown Art provide the service of Visual aidvertise, actually visual aid is any object or picture that relates to the subject being taught. Posters, pictures, or even the object itself can be used to help teach. So we Improve your product presentation.Read More

Reminder Card  

Crown Art is your source for business card stickers and other promotional materials. Business card stickers are a great way to ensure that your business is the first name your customers see. When you peel back the sticker you were left with an actual business card instead of a throw-away sticker backing. These high quality business card labels print and ship quickly. Order business card stickers for your company today. Our team will help you design a business card sticker that will stand out among all other business cards.Read More